Netrouting Mirror

A mirror of open source projects provided by Netrouting.
The mirror is located at our data center in Spijkenisse, The Netherlands.

How does the Netrouting Mirror work?

Details about our mirror and why we are doing this.

Netrouting uses open source software on a day-to-day base. A lot of people work very hard on making this software available and keeping it up to date. Therefore we feel obliged to give something back to the community. The best way to achieve this as a hosting company is to provide easy, stable and fast access to big open source projects, including the many distributions Linux and Unix offers. Distributions we and our clients are using every single day. Our mirror server runs on a Dell PowerEdge R410 with an Intel Xeon L5640 at 2.26GHz, 8 GB of memory and 4x3000 GB hard drives, with a 2x1 Gbps uplink to our AS47869 backbone.